Mind Waste Management Company (MWM) is established in 2015 & an integrated waste management source providing a diverse range of commercial and non-commercial waste management services. MWM is registered under the corporate laws of Pakistan & on the approved list of companies allowed to handle, transport, segregate and dispose of
hazardous and non-hazardous waste by the Sindh Environmental Protection Agency.

We offer wide range of waste management services and solutions to Local Authorities and commercial businesses.Our aim is to work in partnership with clients, and to offer a seamless, quality service, to minimize the impact of waste on the environment and the local communities in which we operate and to promote minimization, reuse and recycling wherever and whenever possible.

Increasing regulations have been introduced with the ultimate aim of reducing the Pakistan’s traditional reliance on landfill disposal. Mind Waste is at the forefront of adapting and extending our capabilities to meet industry challenges, and is committed to the principle of sustainable waste management. MWM takes care of customer requirements in a professional and timely manner, achieving a balance between efficient and cost-effective waste management and keeping the environment safe. Our innovative approach to waste collection, treatment and disposal ensures that customers can take advantage of the most practical and sustainable waste management solutions available.