Quality Policy

MWM is committed to providing its customers with conformance to stated requirements along with a evel of waste management quality and service that meets expectations. The Company is also committed to appraising its quality procedures and training of staff to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system. MWM’s primary objective is not only to satisfy, but delight its clients. Our philosophy is that working toward these objectives will result in continued expansion, and rewards for all current and future personnel. To achieve that MWM operates a Quality Policy dedicated to ensuring that its service fulfils the obligations and commitments set on service providers by regulatory standards and best business practice to the highest standard of performance and reliability. Our policy is to work closely with our customers in pursuance of excellence in all aspects of our services. The policy is based on the fundamental principles of continual improvement. The quality policy involves all employees, who must fully understand the principles and objectives involved. Practical assistance and training will be provided whenever necessary to ensure that the appropriate knowledge and experience is acquired for the successful delivery of all customer solutions. The above will be achieved by: • Making a total commitment to quality from all levels, particularly from Company Management. • Sharing the Company commitment with all employees, sub-contractors and suppliers and explaining their responsibility to support it. • Maintaining ongoing programmers for the continuous improvement of processes and services. • Addressing Company problem areas and progress through an effective Quality Management System.